Our vision for the Africa Petroleum Club is to create a prestigious platform that will enable our individual and corporate members access a global network of senior oil and gas/energy executives with a focus on Africa's upstream. We have a number of flagship events that take place under the banner of the Africa Petroleum Club that showcase Africa's dynamic oil and gas sector and provide a top-level networking opportunities for our senior oil and gas delegates.

Club Aims

  • To provide a global platform for Africa's oil and gas sector to meet and network
  • Delivery of top-class and unrivaled worldwide events focused on Africa's oil and gas
  • Advance and recognise industry key-players and top performers
  • Champion Africa's interests in the oil, gas and energy sector
  • Present the Big Five Awards annually

World Upstream Clubs & Networks

The Africa Petroleum Club is part of the suite of Frontier Communications' World Upstream Network and incorporates the Global Women Petroleum & Energy Club and the PetroAustralasia, PetroMaghreb, PetroArabian, PetroNorth America, PetroEuropa Clubs as well as the International Licensing Agency and the Sub-Saharan Africa Petroleum Exploration Society (SAPEX).

Our Clubs under the World Upstream Clubs & Networks banner act to connect corporate and state players, to facilitate critical industry interests and deal flow in the global upstream, providing unique global networking forums and allied social programs for companies, governments and national oil companies within the worldwide industry and across the value chain.

Our Clubs are private groups, by Invitation only, or on request, with Right of Admission reserved by Frontier Communications.