September 20, 2021
free ps plus

Tips To Get Free PSN Codes using PSN Code Generator

Accessing PSN is quite simple you just have to create an account any of your PS3, PS4, PSP, PS Vita or a PC, there are two types of accounts that you can create; master account that is an administrator-type account and must be created by someone over 18 and a sub-account that can be created after the teacher and allows user restrictions to be established and the master account holder can supervise it.

free ps plus

PSN allows access to a variety of services ranging from creating and managing accounts, downloading demo games, text and voice chat, to access the PlayStation Store, basically the same as Xbox Live Gold but for PlayStation.

Legal Hacks For PSN Plus

The Gamers always seek to go beyond what their consoles and gaming platforms offer, and PSN Plus will allow you to play at another level by increasing the benefits of your PS game consoles.

With online multiplayer mode, games on the PlayStation Store with discounts, at least two games to download and play every month for free just as we can get free on Nintendo eShop, and many more benefits, but like all good things, you will have to invest some of Money to get it.

Is The Hack Real?

Although PSN Plus offers you a trial subscription for 14 days, after that time you will have to have a valid and active credit card to make the payment of your subscription that according to the validity time (3 months, 6 months or 1 year) and it is not economical, but there will always be tricks to avoid spending all our money, decapitalize playing and enjoy unlimited service.

The Account Generator

As in many cases, the account or psn code generator is one of the most popular tricks among the gamer and they are obtained in many websites for a large number of platforms and video games, well PSN Plus is no exception, then we tell you how does it work.

psn codes

We create a new user: If this is the first time we use PlayStation Network, we must create a username by completing our requested data and then using the hack.
Activate the main account: Once the account is verified, it will ask if we want to activate this system as your main PS, we must answer yes, activate. This way, PS plus will be the default account of our favourite game console.
Payment data: Although no payment will be made we will have to add the data of our credit card or Paypal account.
14-day trial: Once we have completed the previous steps, the system will give us a free 14-day trial, we place it in search engine 14 and we will have access only to the 14-day trial. We select it and click on ” Order and pay “, and continue shopping. Already with the free 14-day trial if we do nothing on the 15th, they will start charging us.
Delete payment data: Once the previous step is completed, we enter payment methods and delete the payment method that we placed in step three. Thus after the 14-day trial, it will not be possible to charge us.
Repeat the process: This process can be repeated as many times as you want and create a new account in just 4 minutes.

Once you have completed the process that we teach you, you only have to access the PSN Plus platform with your account and play.

Some of the accounts you think may not work, per Simple, this is normal, this is because Sony makes changes to the PlayStation Network from time to time and if this happens during the process or at any time you just have to do the process again to play.

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